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Taco Bell Reintroduces a Spicy Menu Item

Online speculation has also increased over why Nacho Fries vanish.

Some fans say it's because they take up too much freezer room, while others say it's a Taco Bell marketing tactic to build excitement before each reappearance.

Taco Bell will bring back Nacho Fries in October. Tex-Mex is introducing a loaded version of their fries and nacho cheese in cooperation with TRUFF.

TRUFF Nacho Fries include fries, truffle-flavored hot sauce, grilled beef, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, nacho cheese sauce, and sour cream for $4.49.

Plain Nacho Fries cost $1.79 or $5.49 with a five-layer burrito, crispy taco, and medium fountain drink.

Taco Bell's Chief Food Innovation Officer remarked, "When we tried Loaded TRUFF Nacho Fries in California last year, fans were upset they didn't get a taste."

Nacho Fries and TRUFF sauce are available October 13 "while supplies last." Taco Bell is introducing a smartphone app tracker that shows which local restaurants offer it.

Nacho Fries and Mexican Pizza have gained major internet attention in recent years. Fans post photographs, ask when they'll return, and if the firm doesn't react, they start online petitions.

Fast-food businesses are increasingly responding to fan feedback on LTOs and discontinued products.

The "overwhelming" reaction to Klondike's decision to abandon the Choco Taco prompted the company to "reconsider long-term intentions" and think bringing it back.

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