The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes

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Taurus, today won't be a total disaster, but you may lose your patience and spend the day defending yourself.

1. Taurus

Someone at your employment seems to try to stir up controversy by pointing out something you did in the past, which might affect you. Don't trust your coworkers.

You won't get in trouble because of this individual, but you'll find they have no scruples and are willing to throw you under the bus.

Consider the horrible comments you've hurled at this individual and the nasty manner you've treated them.

2. Leo

During Moon trine Jupiter, the damage you inflicted comes back to haunt — and taunt — you.

You know it's better to accept your life and work with what you have, but today isn't pleasant; you want to rebel, but you don't know how.

3. Sagittarius

You're dissatisfied yet stuck where you are. You feel limited today.

Whatever. The Moon trine Jupiter seems to rev your engines only to make you worried.

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