The Best Christmas Song Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's this song is very beautiful and relaxing.  This song will create lifelong memories with happiness.

Taurus: "Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt

You appreciate gift-giving, but you're materialistic. Therefore your perfect Christmas song is about Santa bringing yachts and convertibles.

Gemini: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by Jimmy Boyd

Because you're so tuned into others' business, you need a holiday song that contains gossip like a mother kissing Santa Claus under the parasitic plant!

Cancer: "Christmas Tree Farm" by Taylor Swift

Everyone knows about taylor swift. The zodiac's most sentimental sign reminds you that the holidays are about family.

Leo: "Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney

This classic Paul McCartney song will remind you that all you need to have fun is good spirits and loved ones.

Virgo: "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses

"Christmas Wrapping" is a real story that you definitely love. Life may surprise you if you give it a chance, even if it's not always happy.

Libra: "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms

"Jingle Bell Rock" is great for your Christmas music since you love to party. This energetic song will have your Christmas party guests dancing.

Scorpio: "Last Christmas" by Wham!

"Last Christmas" is particularly thought-provoking. It's about accepting the grief of a failed romance and the potential of a new love.

Sagittarius: "Holidays" by Meghan Trainor feat. Earth, Wind & Fire

It would help if you had a song to lift your spirits while catching up. Meghan Trainor's this pop song is important for Christmas.

Capricorn: "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" by Brenda Lee

"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" can make you laugh create a good memory. This song create the tone for eggnog With your relative ones.

Aquarius: "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Your very suitable Christmas song must violate the norms and make you happy. With this song your known can dispute the actual meaning of this holiday classic.

Pisces: "Santa Tell Me" by Ariana Grande

"Santa Tell Me" melody and lyrics you'll singing every time along whether you are thinking about love or something else in your life.

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