The Best Core-Strengthening Exercises for Men

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Stability ball plank. Circle your forearms with your torso steady. Turn around. Pinch your shoulder blades and don't slouch.


Resist rotation to blast your abdominal and obliques while maintaining a neutral spine and bracing your core.

Pallof Press

Chest-high a cable handle. Bring the handle to your chest while perpendicular to the cord.

Brace your core, clench your glutes, and align your shoulders and hips over your knees. Hold for three seconds. Repeat. Flip and repeat.

Go forward with a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell in one hand, chest high, and shoulder blades clenched.

Single-Arm Farmer's Carry

Chest-high cable machine. Keep your arms straight as you move your shoulders and hips in a split stance. Turn with the handle facing you.

Horizontal Woodchops

Push forward with an ab wheel while kneeling. Pull yourself up from the lowest point. Maintain straight arms and hips throughout. Pause at the bottom.

Ab Wheel Rollouts

Squeeze your glutes and core. Salute your forehead for five seconds. Be firm and avoid hip twisting. Switch.

Salute Planks

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