The Best Fruit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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You lead as the first zodiac sign. When you start, you can't stop. Fire sign energy? You need a high-carb fruit snack.

Aries: Bananas

Sweet and seductive, you know wonderful things take time. As an earth sign, you're patient and enjoy the ride. Like the peach, your ideal fruit is tough and difficult to ripen.

Taurus: Peaches

You can both thrive in nearly any atmosphere. You know how to bring out the greatest qualities of your personality in different situations.

Gemini: Blueberries

You're funny and give the best counsel of any zodiac sign. Few are lucky enough to experience your secret side, much like sweet cherries, because you're choosy.

Cancer: Cherries

Passion fruit's rough skin and sweet, juicy heart match your tendency to play up drama to shield your inner softie. The real ones know how special you are, Leo.

Leo: Passion Fruit

This delicious classic isn't made with apples. There's a reason you keep returning to tried-and-true fruits. An apple is a nutritious and trustworthy on-the-go snack.

Virgo: Apples

Strawberries symbolise love, passion, and beauty, making them suitable for the Venus-ruled sign. These red beauties complement every mood.

Libra: Strawberries

Despite your prickly appearance, people close to you know theres something lovely underneath. This red fruit is associated with Underworld stories, which appeals to your dark side.

Scorpio: Pomegranate

You need a fruit that's easy to eat on the go and widely available (you're flying). White or purple grapes are great in-flight snacks.

Sagittarius: Grapes

Oranges are a delicious grab-and-go fruit. They provide vitamin C so you won't get sick.

Capricorn: Oranges

This winter fruit has a deep, unique flavour. Aquarius? As a Saturn-ruled sign, you have a harder problem getting life to bend to your will than others.

Aquarius: Plums

You're easygoing, so it's hard to upset you. Like a lemon, your personality relies on your surroundings. In the appropriate situations, you're sweet.

Pisces: Lemons

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