The Best Living Room Color for Each Zodiac Sign

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Your power colour helps you feel calm and grounded despite your fiery personality. Dark maroon is likely to make a comeback in design.

Aries: Maroon

Taurus' indulgent attitude matches green's plenty, luck, and prosperity. It's your strength colour, so it'll calm and focus you.

Taurus: Moss Green

Warm yellow should be your room's hue to express your cheery and joyful personality. You're the kind to risk this bold hue (and pull it off).

Gemini: Yellow

For self-love vibes, paint your living room blush pink. This lovely and dreamy colour will encourage you to put yourself first.

Cancer: Blush Pink

You can rock any hue, but purple shows your regal side. As a lion, you see your house as your domain, and this deep jewel tone will make a statement.

Leo: Purple

Beige walls may appear uninteresting, but you may alter your furniture and d├ęcor as often as you desire. You understand working smarter, not harder.

Virgo: Beige

Instead of pink, try warm gold for your living area. It matches your charm, grace, and sophistication. It will remind you that self-investment pays off.

Libra: Gold

Embrace your dark side by painting your walls black. Like you, it's bold but allows for personalization (and, dare we say, colourful accents).

Scorpio: Black

You have high-energy Sagittarius energy, so you're not frightened of crazy design choices like an orange living room.

Sagittarius: Orange

As a classics fan, the best paint colour for you is charcoal grey, which complements any design style. This serious colour will help you work.

Capricorn: Charcoal Gray

After a day of battling for the underdog, your house should be a calming and rejuvenating haven. Lavender is a calming colour that induces zen.

Aquarius: Lavender

Creating a world-like setting is your first priority. Teal brings calm, tranquillity, and inner harmony. This colour makes daydreaming easy.

Pisces: Teal

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