The biggest gold diggers Zodiac Signs

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Taurus is ruled by Venus, and the second house of values and assets is ruled by Taurus. Taureans like expensive things and are more interested in finding a job than a partner.

Taurus reveres comfort, concrete, and extra guac. They know that love is fleeting and money is king, just like gold diggers.


Libras love to be spoiled and do the bare minimum of work. Venus rules Libra, like Taurus, and love and money.

Libras are great at throwing dinner parties, choosing art and doing good things for others, dressing nicely for social events, and making friends. Libra is good at making friends.


People born under the Sagittarius sign often seem wise and like they value experiences over money.

Sagittarians will charm or marry anyone to pay for transcendence, exotic dancers, helium, karaoke machines, cocaine, and glitter guns.


Due to their ability to be emotionally objective, Aquarians might be able to see the good in getting married or dating for money.

The Aquarius personality is idealistic and generous, which means they would give their allowance or alimony to charity, space colonization, or rebels armies.

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