The Color You Should Be Wearing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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People of this zodiac wear red color to make themselves look attractive.

Aries: Red

It's a natural fit for the earth sign Taurus, and the colour will help them feel even more at one with nature.

Taurus: Green

They use yellow a lot, actually. Their individuality will be substantially enhanced by the brilliance that this colour may offer.

Gemini: Yellow

They, and everyone else in the room, will feel more at peace in a soothing pastel.

Cancer: Sky Blue

Orange symbolises to them the hope and happiness that may be found in life. And it gives them confidence to face the world head-on.

Leo: Orange

Because Virgos are so methodical and organised, the colour grey is a closet staple because it goes with everything.

Virgo: Gray

Libras should choose the colour pink because it "brings soothing and peace to relationships

Libra: Light Pink

"Wearing these two hues together brings together the thoughtfulness of black with the energy of red, igniting your spirit and bringing you back to life.

Scorpio: Black

They may find "certain truths about themselves and the world" with the help of the regal hue purple.

Sagittarius: Purple

Because of their serious, business-oriented nature, Capricorns look best in hues that exude authority and seriousness.

Capricorn: Navy Blue

Because of the soothing qualities of this colour, individuals are able to keep their calm and tranquilly regardless of the situation.

Aquarius: Aqua

In addition to encouraging their creativity, the calming hue lavender also helps children unwind as they daydream about their upcoming adventures.

Pisces: Lavender

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