The Easiest 5-Minute Mat Workout for Weight Loss

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A five-minute mat workout for weight reduction should include lots of muscular contraction and mobility to burn the most calories.

Choose four to five exercises and do them for one minute each. Take a little rest before continuing.

One minute of mountain climbers: Start in a high plank/pushup with your hands below your shoulders. Bring your right knee to your chest quickly before returning to the start position.

15-second break.

One-minute bicycle crunches: Lie flat on your back on a mat to do this bodyweight exercise. Place your hands behind your head and press your lower back against the floor.

Shoulder blades off the mat, knees at 90 degrees. For one minute, pretend to ride a bike by alternating your left and right elbows to your knees.

15-second break.

Side leg lifts on one side for 30 seconds: Start by lying on your right side on a mat and tucking your chin. Stabilize with your left hand on your hip or waist.

Stretch your legs. Raise your left leg 10 inches, stop, then lower it. 30-second leg raises and lowers.

30 seconds of opposite side leg lifts.
15-second break.

Flutter kicks for 30 seconds: Lie on your back on a mat. Straighten both legs to 45°. Keep your arms by your sides and your legs off the floor.

Raise your neck, head, and shoulders. Kick or flap your legs. Rest your abs. 30-second flutter kicks.

15-second break.
Flutter kick 30 more seconds.

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