The Foods World's Longest Living People Eat

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Fast food

Fast food contributes to many American ailments. Fast eating can increase blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, mood, and heart disease risk.

Longest-lived folks don't consume many hamburgers. Blue Zone residents largely eat plants and conserve meat for special occasions. They rarely eat red meat, though.

Processed baked goods and sweets

Sugary processed foods are avoided. These communities eat more natural sugar from fruits, oats, and red wine than Americans.

7 teaspoons (28 grammes) of sugar every day. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend 50 grammes.

Bacon and sausage

The longest-lived people don't eat much meat, especially red meat. These populations avoid processed foods including deli meat, bacon, and sausage.

Processed meats are delicious and easy to prepare, but they're laden with sodium and other preservatives.


The world's healthiest people don't consume soda. Drinking soda with added sugar was particularly detrimental due to its empty nutritional value.

Regular soda consumption increases heart disease risk, type 2 diabetes risk, weight gain, hunger, and life expectancy.

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