The Ideal Best Friend for Your Zodiac Sign

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Libra opposes assertive, aggressive, and often belligerent Aries. Both are learning about peace and change. Libra resists change, whereas Aries needs it. Libra wants peace and Aries needs it.


Tauruses are prone to temper tantrums and cloudy thinking. This sign requires Virgo to ground it. Taurus loves Virgos for their honesty and pragmatism.


Geminis are best with their kind. They want life-loving pals. To alleviate monotony, Geminis like to get out with Aquarius and other Geminis. Geminis like change and excitement.


Cancer and Capricorn have intriguing ties. Both value stability and family. Nonetheless, Capricorns are less sensitive.


Leo and Aquarius are charismatic zodiac signs, thus they form a dynamic pair. Leo and Aquarius are inseparable buddies.


Being a loving earth sign, Virgo enjoys helping others, especially emotionally. Honesty and healing are 10/10 for Virgo. They get along best with Cancer and Taurus.


Libras occasionally desire to be pampered for their efforts. If they're channeling their need for adulation, they choose fans like a kind and courteous Taurus.


Scorpios love passionate friends. Scorpios like Pisces best. Pisces helped them let go and be themselves. Pisces supports Scorpio but also calms them, which is helpful.


All are ardent adventurers who thrill each other and urge everyone to enjoy life and take chances. All three are straightforward.


Capricorn admires Virgo's commitment. Capricorns are great advisors. Yet, Capricorns might clash if they encounter someone too similar.


Aries, Leo, Gemini, and Pisces admire Aquarius for their originality and trendsetting. Aquarius loves water signs who make them feel special and free.


Free-spirited Pisces and Aquarius get along well. Self-governing. Aquarius understands Pisces better than other signs. Pisces don't make friends easily.

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