The Most Bluntest Zodiac Sign

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They seem to keep a log of everyone's flaws in their circle of acquaintances. A surprise assault might be launched against you.


This is an earth sign that seeks to be straightforward and truthful. Taurus like it when you sugarcoat their blunt candour, so that's your flex for the day.


Because their sign is associated with communication, they feel compelled to share the message as soon as it occurs. This might lead to becoming blunt.

Gemini is the astrological sign associated with journalism, marketing, and the news media. Whether you like it or not, you will be receiving their broadcasts.


Sagittarians regularly express their emotions, which might cause problems.

Sugarcoating, on the other hand, may be considered offensive to their interlocutor. Even when said harshly, truth reigns supreme for them.


A dreadful Plutonian may point out others' shortcomings and vulnerabilities to aid them since they focus on detecting and eliminating dangers.

To a Scorpio's dismay, they may leave the other person wanting to withdraw and cry or... never see them again.


They respect honesty and want to express themselves in every situation, which can be tough to handle at times.

When you point out that Aries is being disrespectful, they roll their eyes and say that it's just honesty.

Lowest Emotional Zodiac Signs

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