the Most Common Royal Zodiac Sign

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One zodiac sign has brought royals and "common" together. Mountbatten-Windsor has a recurrent zodiac sign. Find out which sign has the most royals.

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Baby Archie are all Taureans. These earth signs are diligent, bright, strong-minded, and loyal, which is true of Queen Elizabeth.

The kids' fate remains unknown. She ascended to the throne because she understood familial commitment, which teaches us about devotion.

Like her fellow bulls, the queen is a firm enforcer of tradition, having authorised all royal marriages since her reign started, never sitting on a foreign throne, and never taking a (public) selfie.

Her Majesty tends to prefer the comfort and firmness of the status quo, a quality of routine and stability-loving earth signs. She is the longest-reigning monarch, which is an indication of stability.

These obstinate bulls adore life's better pleasures, despite their intransigence. The real Lilibet had exceptional taste based on her brilliant monochrome costumes throughout her reign.

Duchess Camilla, Prince William, and Prince George are all Cancers, therefore they may be emotional and sensitive despite their crab emblem.

Princess Diana was a Cancer, which fits with her family-oriented and loving temperament. Kate Middleton and Princess Anne are both Capricorns, making them sensible, diligent, and grounded.

Meghan Markle and Princess Beatrice are both Leos, making them protective and proud. Prince Charles is the sole Scorpio, Princess Eugenie the only Aries.

Most Romantic Zodiac Sign

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