The Most Complex Zodiac Signs

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Leo is tricky because they exhibit confidence and authority but lack the emotional strength to back it up.


This fire symbol is dramatic, proud, and wants to reign. They have a huge ego and strong ideas, not allowing others' influence.

Their adaptive and intelligent mentality allows them to deceive easily. This is the zodiac's most superficial sign, thus they may improvise and be two-faced.


Unfortunately, they occasionally go low to get ahead. This feature alone makes them unpredictable in work and life.


Their complexity inspires ambition, and they adore the spotlight. Expect them to be your biggest fan until they decide to defeat you.

When it's time to take serious action, it's better to view things as they are than to live in a dream world. They'll confuse themselves and others otherwise.


This sign has deep, contradicting emotions. This causes ludicrous scenarios.


Everyone may tell a male Cancer he's in love with a lady, but he may reject it although knowing it's true.

They have the power and perseverance to overcome any task and love to maintain secrets and propagate gossip that helps their cause.


This feature, along with their secrecy, makes their next action unpredictable.

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