The Most Egoistic Zodiac Sign

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They are perceptive, emotional, and want accolades for their caregiving. Water signs want you to depend on them, yet their hubris might surprise you.

They'll take away your safety net without notice to show you how much they care.


Top chefs, artisans, and craftsmen realize their work is well-made. Earth signs are self-centered and want to boast about their accomplishments.


At their worst, Capricorn has no shame or regret for snatching opportunities from others to obtain what they desire.

Their arrogance might be off-putting. Earth signs focus on themselves 95% of the time and have blinders on when doing a project.


Due to their quest for independence, they might appear haughty and domineering. They have a great ego and thrive on attention, but they also like to cause strife.


They're conceited and think they're better than others, especially in matters of opinion.

These people are egotistical because they're stubborn and think they're the greatest at everything. Scorpio will do what they want regardless of what you think.


The last signs, water signs have seen everyone's ups and downs and desire to surpass them. They may feel superior to others as they improve themselves.

Pisces will believe they're miraculously superior if they don't learn to be grounded and sensible.

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