the Most Empathetic Zodiac Signs

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Although this sign can't sense your pain, they normally respond sympathetically.


Aquarius cares deeply for oppressed people because they want social justice and equality.

Leo, a fixed fire sign, is sensitive to others' feelings but not to its own. Leos may be kind to family and friends. They'll listen, especially if you're in their inner circle.


They want to help those in need with their time, money, and emotions. This earth sign can multitask gracefully.


An understanding Virgo would never disturb you if you need aid.

Libras are empathetic because they can see both sides. Venus rules them, and they may be creative in helping with money and time.


Cancers are kind, empathic, and most importantly, comforting.


They heal naturally and comprehend the heart better than any other sign. They would never neglect loved ones.

Pisces is the "dreamer," floating in fancy and sharing its profound thoughts. Neptune, the planet of chaos, passion, dreams, and creativity, rules Pisces.


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