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The Most Frivolous Zodiac Sign


Neptune rules Pisces. The largest daydreamer in the zodiac, they may not get things done.

Pisces enjoys frivolity, whether it's laziness, escapism, or thinking their imagination is better than reality. Pisces reverts to childhood due to laziness and lack of accountability.


Libra, the scales of justice, seeks balance. This peace-loving sign will say and do everything to protect the peace, even if it means compromising their ideals.


This sign likes attention, thus their ego makes them frivolous. Leos adore performance, self-expression, and being the centre of attention.

However, they'll splurge on a new automobile when they can barely pay rent.


Travelers are Sagittarians. They hate routines and are always looking for new adventures.

Whether they're wandering Europe's cobblestone streets or Asia's jungles, their naïve, slightly naive, but cheerful approach draws attention and earns them the frivolous badge of honour.


Tauruses are realistic and materialistic. Haute fashion, glossy publications, and great interior design are the bull's passion, and they're willing to spend.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules this sign, which might "loose sight of what's vital in life, and focus emphasis on more'superficial' features."


Social butterflies are Geminis. They're always booked, whether it's cocktails with coworkers, breakfast with pals, a new yoga class, or a job interview.

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