the most hurtful zodiac sign

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Zodiac perfectionists can't help themself have a fixed way of doing things, and when others don't, it makes them uneasy and upset.

 Virgos won't stop until you realise they're correct and you're wrong.


Sun-ruled Leo. Thus, they assume they're superior than others and "seem to lack a filters or ponder how their actions and words may influence others."

It's possible that Leo may respond by being overbearing and possessive.


Sagittarians are the fun-loving global nomads of the zodiac, easily making new friends wherever they go.

They are so fast to speak and act that they frequently say or do things without thinking them through, so accidentally offending others.


Geminis are known tattletales, therefore they made it. Mercury rules them, therefore they talk a lot.


The fact that Aries is enjoying his or her passion for battle, impulsiveness, and thirst for adventure is far more significant.


They are cryptic by nature and find it hard to believe that other people don't keep secrets of their own.

The Most Intellectual Zodiac Sign

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