The most irrational of the Zodiac Signs

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Geminis think of themselves as having a free spirit. They need reassurance and worry if they don't get it.


Pluto, the planet of change and transition, is in charge of these water signs, which can make them too emotional and quick to give up.


They love everyone else and want to be loved in return, but they won't go completely crazy if they don't get it.

This water sign is so focused on their own thoughts and feelings that they don't listen to advice and get passive-aggressive when things don't go their way.


The Sun, which is their ruling planet, suggests that they will only think about own selves.

Leo will see criticism as an ad hominem attack and stop thinking straight.


They go crazy trying to please all of us and do different things. They might lie or amplify to make themselves look more capable, which could be dangerous.


Because of how easily they change their minds, and because Mercury, which rules them, is the planet of communication, they may overthink everything they say.

Most of the time, it's impossible to be perfect, so if these people don't reach their goals, they'll fall into a downward spiral.

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