The Most Likely Love Triangle Zodiac Signs

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Those born under the Twins' astrological sign are sometimes mocked as "playboys" because of their penchant for casual relationships.

They like a wide range of experiences, so it's not surprising to find them juggling many people at once.

 They are symbolised as twins because of their ambivalent character. This makes it simple for them to believe they are romantically involved with two individuals at once.


The Libran intellect is always balancing pros and cons, as symbolised by the scales.

This causes them to waver a lot and may cause them to keep others waiting even if they don't mean to.

Venus rules Libra, so naturally, those born under this sign enjoy romantic relationships.


The lighthearted Aquarius might get caught in a love triangle for a number of reasons. To begin with, they may be rather emotionally distant.

They favour casual hookups over serious relationships. They might be unknowingly seeing numerous persons at once if they aren't honest about their intentions.

They are ready and prepared to commit to a monogamous relationship with the right kink partner.

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