The Most Obsessed Zodiac Sign

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Whether it's been a month or five years after they broke up, Taureans have an insatiable curiosity in their exes' lives.


This earth sign has a habit of keeping tabs on ex-lovers, from first loves to casual flings, more out of nostalgia than malice.

Virgos are nervous and worried and will beat yourself up after a breakup.


"It's not unusual for Virgos to resort to incessantly browsing through their exes socials" due to their overthinking.

The spiritual element of this imaginative and perceptive sign is just as strong.


People who put stock in concepts like "soulmates" and "destiny" might become obsessed when their romantic partnerships don't work out.

Leos need attention and rapid fulfilment. After a breakup, people examine their ex's social media to make sure they won. The zodiac's "shining stars."


Neptune, planet of dreams and deception, rules the Pisces zodiac sign.


Why shouldn't Scorpios be passionate about love? This generous sign will fall in love quickly, but it will be difficult for them to go on.


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