The Personality of a Cancer

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Water cardinal Cancer. This marine crustacean represents Cancer's capacity to dwell in both emotional and material worlds.

Cancers are extremely perceptive and can easily take up the energy of a room. These crabs are environment-sensitive and self-protective. Cancers have rough exteriors, like their spirit animal.

These crabs may seem distant at first. Cancers are gentle, kind, and mystical over time. Be patient as you get to know them.

The moon symbolises comfort, self-care, and maternal energy in Cancer. Cancers are homebodies. They adore creating personal sanctuaries and spending time in them.

Cancers are kind and fast to become caregivers. Crabs must be careful: Cancers risk blurring the line between caring and domineering when they engage emotionally.

Cancers are loyal, committed, and emotional. These crabs are great guests, serving comfort food and drinks.

Cancer's connection to home may be an issue for some. Celestial crabs avoid direct combat by travelling at an angle, yet they may pinch with their passive-aggressiveness.

If you can get a Cancer to open up without making them feel intimidated, you'll earn their trust.

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