The Personality of a Scorpio

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Scorpio is often misinterpreted. Scorpio's passion and power make it a fire sign.

Scorpio is a water sign with psychic, emotional power. Scorpio is perceptive and intuitive, like Cancer and Pisces.

This water sign's poisonous sting is unusual. Scorpios, like their spirit animal the scorpion, wait to strike.

These calculating water signs are always scheming ahead to achieve checkmate. This doesn't imply they're evil. Scorpios know what they want and aren't afraid to strive for it.

They're alluring and captivating because they're enigmatic. Scorpio rules the genital region. Sensual scorpions don't only like sex.

They want physical connection, spiritual illumination, and emotional intimacy.

Pluto rules destruction and change in Scorpio. Scorpion energy may be ambitious and alluring. On a bad day, Scorpio's sinister side craves control.

Scorpios who are ego-driven risk poisoning themselves. This sign's energy shines when devoted to deep, soulful interactions with friends and lovers.

When they create trust, Scorpios show empathy, depth, and dedication that lighten even their darkest sides.

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