The Pizza Menus Red Flags

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When it comes to pizza dough, most restaurants fall short. If they can't get their regular dough to have the appropriate texture, airiness, and

same dough is ordered.

flavour, they shouldn't expect customers to pay more for a specialty alternative.

Oil isn't used for making high-quality pizzas; instead, cornmeal or flour is used to provide a clean separation between the pizza and the pan or stone.

the chain used oiled pans.

The flavour and texture of the crust are also influenced by how much oil is used in the pan.

One further warning sign to look out for is the presence of menu gimmicks.

mostly menu items is gimmicks.

To increase sales, these gimmicks frequently include novel or unexpected components. They usually aren't all that terrific.

Without fresh, in-season ingredients, not even the most dedicated pizza cook can produce a really memorable pie.

out-of-season ingredients are fulled in menu.

Fresh tomatoes and bell peppers on a menu in the middle of winter are a warning flag that the restaurant doesn't place a premium on using high-quality products.

If you're going to spend more than $20 on frozen pizza dough, you might as well see some examples online before you commit to an order.

pizza dough looks too uniform.

Guests are still guaranteed to receive an item that might be purchased from the frozen section of a grocery store, but the business saves money on training and waste by doing so.

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