The Quietest Zodiac Signs

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The quietest zodiac sign, Scorpios are passionate and know how to get what they desire.

Quiet waters flow deep" describes these folks, who are soft-spoken yet bright and fascinating. These folks transport stuff and gather information without others knowing.


Pisces are reclusive and adore evading reality. Neptune-ruled individuals are creative and sensitive yet prefer solitude.

This water indicator avoids many dialogues. They don't share information and love being alone. They'll probably wait to open up till they're comfortable.


Cancers are sensitive and take criticism personally. They're sensitive and easily wounded, so it's no surprise they keep grudges.

Cancer isn't sure what you'll say, so they may wait to hear it before speaking. You must earn their confidence before they'll confide in you.


Virgos prefer being correct and will speak out if questioned. This earth sign is supportive, so they'll keep their thoughts to themselves until they find the right words.


Capricorns aren't introverts, but they're picky about who they let in, so they might seem silent. Earth signs are leaders, organisers, and doers. 

A Capricorn prefers to wait before speaking. They provide the facts and may look harsh and closed off, but they're only trying to communicate.


Slow-moving Taurus. They're obstinate and opinionated, but don't want to be incorrect, so they ponder before speaking and weigh their words and actions.

They don't "use five when one will do. Because Taurus usually listens first, earth signs look silent.

Most Talkative Zodiac Sign

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