The Top Signs That Means Your Relationship Is Toxic

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Criticism and insults reduce one's self-esteem. As a result, you may become less confident and make you self-conscious.

Your self respect has decreased

Emotional abuse occurs when a spouse "irritating" during a conversation or disagreement.

Your partner continously irritate you

Irritating is a sign of a toxic relationship when your partner stops listening, says they don't want to talk, and becomes unresponsive after a dispute.

Disrespect indicates an unhealthy connection and will break you.

lack of respect in your relationship

The relationship is toxic if your partner dismisses your point of view, invalidates your feelings, or belittles you in front of others.

If jealousy becomes possessive or impacts how you act or how much freedom you have, your relationship may be toxic and poisonous.

jealousy in your relationship

A jealous partner may accuse you of cheating, monitor your social media, or only allow you to chat with certain people they want.

It is tough to trust someone. Something needs to change if your boyfriend distrusts you. A partnership will not last if its foundation is gone.

lack of trust from both sides

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