the Ugliest Buildings In the U.S.

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Florida State Capitol (Tallahassee, Florida)

The bizarre fusion of traditional and contemporary design that is the Florida State Capitol building needs a lot of work.

Alamodome (San Antionio, Texas)

The Alamodome in San Antonio may have taken its name from a beloved local monument, but the general public holds a considerably less favourable opinion of it.

Thompson Center (Chicago, Illinois)

Among all the wonders of the United States, Chicago is perhaps one of the best locations for world-class architecture.

U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Sharp angles and shiny glass make the new building an eyesore, too.

Trump Hotel (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Las Vegas is renowned for its excess, which extends to its structures and architectural design.

Denver International Airport

Sadly, Denver International Airport's tented interpretation of a transport hub seems to have fallen short.

Watergate Complex (Washington, D.C.)

One of the biggest scams to ever shock American politics took place within the Watergate Complex, which has since gained notoriety.

Verizon Building (New York, New York)

Lower Manhattan is covered in a thick sea of skyscrapers, some of the most recognisable towering structures in the country.

Boston City Hall (Boston, Massachusetts)

Beloved for its ancient buildings, cobblestone lanes, and lovely homes, Boston is a place that draws visitors from all around.

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