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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Hurt Your Feelings


A Virgo will keep reminding you they're correct until you realise 

In the event that you choose to reject Virgo's inspection, they will assault you from many aspects in an effort to split and conquer your fears.


Sun rules egocentric Leo. They assume they're superior than their peers and don't filter their words and acts.

Leo may counterattack with possessive behaviour, bossiness, and cutting down competition if you take their attention.


Sagittarians are controlled by Fire, therefore they can accidentally damage people's feelings. They act so swiftly that they don't always mean what they say, creating insult.

Sagittarius is known for speaking before thinking. Their bluntness is rarely malevolent, yet they say things they shouldn't.


Gemini is a well-known gossiper, hence it makes the list. Mercury rules them, so they talk too much.

When you hear what they've said behind your back, it might seem like a gut hit. Geminis are the ultimate problem-causers.


On your birthday, if you don't eat fish, your Aries buddy may book a sushi reservation. They'll become irritated and rude if you mention it.


Intelligent and perceptive, Scorpios lack trust. Mars and Pluto control them. They're highly mysterious and can't conceive that others don't have secrets.

Scorpio's sting is terrible because they want to damage your feelings. This symbol is angry. They're sometimes malicious and don't mind causing harm.

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