The Zodiac Sign With the Biggest Personality

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Scorpios radiate energy. Their aura speaks volumes. Their expressions speak louder than their words.


Their oddities and unusual methods are obvious. Although being comfortable with their quirkiness, they sometimes isolate. Once they open up, you'll be obsessed with them.


From always being on the run, to continually creating new connections, they're going big or going home. Since they're chameleons, Geminis have large personalities.


This sign wakes up ready to change the world. Aries will make sure they're seen and heard at every opportunity, even if their large personalities aren't for everyone.

They're one of the bravest and most courageous signs, taking chances when others are frightened, which makes them stand out.


Fire signals' contagious vitality leaves a lasting impact. Sagittariuses fill the room as they enter and go.


Leos have the largest personalities because they adore drama and putting on a show. They crave attention and will kill you if you try to grab it.

"Their charisma may flare so brilliantly that it practically blinds you," says the sun-ruled fire sign. Leo's personality divides people: some adore them, others detest them, but it cuts.

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