The Zodiac Signs on Santa's Naughty List

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This sign will re-wrap everything beneath the tree until it looks perfect, critique how you open the gifts, and keep all the bows for next year.

They're on Santa's naughty list because they can't tolerate others' flaws. They thrive on causing turmoil and blaming others.


They're bad, but their mischief won't get them into trouble. Geminis cannot keep a secret or hold their mouth. They propagate rumours and cause plenty of drama.


Capricorns work the hardest. They'll sacrifice vacations with loved ones to pursue their work aspirations.

Santa still sees their Scrooge-like mindset. Love and power matter less. They shut off empathy and giving for power.


Aries, the most fiery and combative sign, are no surprise on Santa's naughty list. When their power is threatened, they instigate violent fights.


Leos, ruled by the Sun, are haughty and attention-seeking. While this may seem hilarious, their persistent craving for attention can lead to some rather unsavoury behaviour.


Their emotional water sign makes them complicated. But their fear of trusting others overrides their sensitivity and hurts others.

Teaching someone is different from respecting yourself and maintaining your dignity. No indication is better at avoiding punishment. Scorpios love misbehaving.

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