The Zodiac Signs With Worst Tempers

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Eris is known for his angry nature. When an unknown person meets them, they respond angrily.

When the eris get stuck in a traffic, they are frustrated and call people very bad.


Cancer is of a very emotional nature and this sign becomes sad due to the smallest things.

Cancers are also very rare and you will not be able to withstand their tantrums during any event.


Leos are very aggressive and even the smallest things can make them angry.

Like you borrow their shirt and there is a stain on it while returning it, then it is a lot of thing because Leos make even small things big.


Scorpions are very angry and when they feel that something is not going according to them, they get angry and they are known for vibrant nature.

When they get angry, they shout and break things around them, so take care of yourself the next time you are with them.

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