Things To Do When You’re at self-anger

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remember yourself

Everyone makes errors. Once you realise you're part of the flawed human community, you'll feel better about your path.

Think of your anger when you make a mistake as a rite of passage. You'll fail, say the wrong things, and not get what you want. This is how life is, no tricks.

try to control your anger

Don't let it get worse. You can control your mistakes, but you can't control your anger. Your life can be ruined by anger.

Exhale and Release It

Don't use social media to vent. Your personal and professional life could end if you lose your temper or talk badly about yourself.

moving on

Walk, lift weights, or clean out your closet or garage. Useful physical exercise can help relieve this stress.

try to get help from others

Tell a friend, family member, or professional, "I'm mad at myself," and explain why. They will listen to you and help you deal with anger.

down your anger from inside

Don't let mistakes make you say, "I'm not good enough." Stop going down the slippery slope of being a victim, even if you doubt it and believe your inner critic.

always learn from mistakes

I wish for you to remember that mistakes are intended to teach you what not to do. "I'm mad at myself" should push you to do your best. Think about the lesson.

give time to yourself

Your mood can be helped by working out, taking a break, relaxing, and doing other fun things.

Forgive Yourself

Forgiving helps heal. You may have heard that this technique has helped people get better after being sick or going through other hard times.

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