Things To Never Say To Your Husband If You Want To Stay Married

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"You're too old for that."

Worse, we're too old. Boring! Right? Your inner child will also keep your marriage fresh and entertaining.

Stop making excuses based on your age.

"I love your dad bod!"

Dad bods are attractive, but your spouse, whether he's a dad or not, won't like this praise.

Say you love his figure or use romantic and scorching terms.

"Oh no, you're going bald!"

It stung! Wives, guys may be unexpectedly sensitive and insecure, especially over hair loss, so don't rub it in if it starts to slowly recede. Husbands feel, too.

"Do you need another?"

Make him feel horrible about his body in front of his pals unless you've made a vow to eat healthier and call each other out on your mistakes.

"I always do everything here!"

Please! You may be the busiest woman alive and pick up a lot of the housework, but it's unlikely that your spouse does nothing.

Instead of focusing on what he doesn't do, praise him for what he does, and you'll see huge improvements shortly.

"I'm sure you'll decline, but..."

Positively frame your question—e.g., "I loved our last dog park trip. Tomorrow?" — to earn a yes or boost your chances.

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