5 Things Your Partner Says That Mean It's Time for consultative

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It feels like we're friends instead than partners

This may be due to the relationship's monotony, not decreasing affection.

Counseling might assist in reestablishing the couple's emotional connection to one another.

We don't talk anymore

Any partnership has to have open communication. When your spouse perceives that the conversation has stalled, there is definitely a problem.

Communication issues don't require complete quiet for you and your partner.

I don't feel heard or realize by you

When your partner told you that you did not listen to him. It means that you do not consider his point important.

One possible interpretation of this is that your partner "does not feel appreciated or loved in the partnership.

"Yes, I did that because you did…

Even while disagreements between partners are common, if you're not "successfully resolving problems,

 it may seem as though "the relationship is getting increasingly adversarial.


If your partner tells you that he is not happy with this relationship, then you should take this matter very seriously.