Tips To Choose Best Rotisserie Chicken At Costco

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The Costco rotisserie chicken is well-known for being easy to use and cheap at $4.99. Since the year 2020, the warehouse club has sold more than 100 million slow-cooked chickens.

Recently, someone on the Costco subreddit asked if there was a secret to picking the best rotisserie chicken, and many helpful suggestions were given.

If you want browner, crispier chicken, it can be hard to find one that isn't too hot or too dry. Users said they pick the best chicken based on how it looks.

"It's only the colour. Must be even and a little darker brown. I like what looks tasty "said.

Another user said to look for containers with less steam if you want the chicken skin to stay crispy so you can eat it right away.

"I chose the ones with the lightest feathers. They're more juicy. Darker ones seem drier "commenter.

"If there are no liquids at the bottom of the tray, it's overdone and dry," said the user.

The user said, "I always choose a smaller, cheaper one." "Everyone likes the big Frankenchicken, but the little ones are so much better."

Reddit users said that the fastest way to find the biggest rotisserie chickens is to look in all Costco containers for a bird that touches the plastic lid.

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