Tips to Control Unhealthy Competitive Spirit

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Know why you're competitive

Whenever competitiveness starts coming in the middle of something in your life, such as your relationship, you must think why this competition is.

Experiences of childhood can effect your self esteem in your adulthood. Sometimes a man feel competitive that he want some respect or love.

First of all, compete with yourself before competing with others because this will be your self-confidence.

leave negative thoughts

Negative attitudes and limiting beliefs, such as the conviction that you aren't good enough until you win, must be eliminated to overcome poor self-esteem and pathological competition.

spend more time on yourself

A healthy way to boost self-esteem is to find ways to enjoy spending quality time with oneself without having to compete with anyone else.

think over the matter

When self-improvement and self-mastery stop being the goals and are replaced by constantly comparing one's own success to that of others, the competitive spirit becomes harmful.

more celebration

Celebrate your achievements and personal successes as you gain confidence in your talents and what makes you excellent over how you compare to others.

Negative self-talk will be transformed into positive mental as a result of this. Recognize your daily achievements, such as thanking a coworker or remembering a friend's birthday.

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