Top 10 Most Funniest yo mama jokes For You

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1. The houseflies have come together to mend the hole in the screen window since your mama's meal is so revolting.

2. By glancing at the photo on your mama's driver's licence, you can tell how short she is.

3. Because your mama was so elderly, the personnel of an antique store refused to let her go.

4. The hair beneath your mama's arms is so thick that it seems like she's wearing a buckwheat headlock.

5. Yo mama is so perplexing that Scooby Doo couldn't figure out what was going on.

6. Because your mama is so frightening, officials decided to move Halloween to the day she was born.

7. Because your mama is such a rule follower, she imposed a curfew on the entire town.

8. Because your mama is so elderly, the security system went off as she walked out of the museum.

9. Yo mama is so lazy that she pushed her nose out the window and let the air blow it.

10. Yo mama is so harsh that even Goodnight Kitty has fled.

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