Top Most Powerful Chinese Zodiac Sign

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Dragon Year is considered very powerful in Chinese Astrology and in this year couples work very hard to give birth to the baby.

Couples believe that if their survivors are born in Dragon Year, then they will definitely be successful in life.

Dragons have a reputation for being driven, ambitious, intelligent, talented, self-assured, seasoned, and able to handle whatever challenge life throws at them.


Tiger Shaw has a very powerful zodiac sign and is known for his bravery and strategic work.

Tigers are blessed with natural charisma and charm. Furthermore, this zodiac sign bestows tremendous strength, endurance, and fortitude to its inhabitants.

Usain Bolt and Lady Gaga were born in Tiger Years.


This sign is the leader from birth. And they are very tough of nature.

Horse Year people are regarded to be hard workers, proud, imaginative, and powerful. They don't leave any stone unturned and regularly outperform people's expectations.

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