Trader Joe's Brand New Soda Is Too Sugary

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The same die-hard. New product debuts are closely followed by Trader Joe's fans. However, one of the most anticipated events in 2023 is receiving negative news.

The new Brewed Ginger Beer from the shop costs $3.99 for four cans.

The billboard claimed that "this is one of the best tasting ginger beers," however reviewers discovered a major fault.

The non-alcoholic effervescent beverage has 34 grammes of added sugar, or 68% of the daily requirement.

Fans believe this canned ginger beer has replaced Trader Joe's glass-bottle ginger beer since the ingredients are comparable.

According to TJ's website, it's "the same source using the same formula as our bottled version.""It's almost as sweet as a 12-ounce Coke!

This product is "heavy" in added sugars because each serving contains more than 20% of the daily value "The user commented.

The FDA classifies added sugars as "low" if they are less than 5% of the daily value per serving and "high" if they exceed 20%.

Another person commented, "That's insane, sweetie! This should not be consumed! I wish Trader Joe's valued health as much as it does novelty."

According to the description, the beverage "packs some sugar" and should be diluted with your favourite sparkling water before consumption.

Trader Joe's has previously been accused of using dangerous substances. Instagram exploded over the increased soybean oil and sugar content of the supermarket's Incredisauce.

Read the label carefully before purchasing a product that has been recently shelved at Trader Joe's.

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