Trader Joe's Disneyland-inspired Dogs Pickle Launched

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Pickle dogs have become a popular snack at Disneyland in the last two years.

At Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs in Downtown Disney, you can get these gherkin snacks.

Disney isn't the first company to make a pickle dog, but theirs is said to be the most controversial because it has an odd mix of pickle, pork, batter, and sometimes even Cheetos.

"Perfectly Pickled Pups" are small hot dogs covered in "pickle-flavored batter and breading." You can only get them at Trader Joe's.

Even though they are not exactly the same, the dogs at Trader Joe's and Downtown Disney take the idea of frankfurters and pickles and combine them into one carnival-style treat.

From what I've read, the snacks were surprisingly tasty. One person on Reddit said, "They're tasty, but I don't get any pickle flavour."

"The hot dog tastes great no matter what. I put a tangy, sweet mustard on them and they were delicious."

"So wonderful, and with the dill mustard, it's perfect," said a second customer.

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