Trader Joe's Fans Love the New Spin On Cheese

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The semi-hard cheddar-parmesan cheese has won several Trader Joe's Annual Customer Choice Awards for "Best Cheese."

In fact, the supermarket store removed the product from the sweepstakes earlier this year and put it into the Trader Joe's Product Hall of Fame, joining four other multi-time champions.

Trader Joe's fans are also loving another kind of the fan-favorite cheese. Consumers first began to see the Surprising Cheddar Spread around September last year,

a few months after Trader Joe's introduced another twist on the famous fromage: the Unexpected Cheddar Chicken Sausage.

Despite high customer expectations, the cheese spread seems to be winning over even Unexpected Cheddar fans. In a recent Reddit thread, dozens of fans lauded it.

The original poster commented, "Longtime admirer of surprising cheddar, but the spread...even more unexpected than I imagined imaginable," eliciting over 60 comments from fellow customers.

"So delicious. I may have spooned it a few times "Redditor wrote. "#1 Trader Joe's product" was another's description.

What's the best manner for prospective buyers to eat this cheese spread? Fans suggested combinations with apple slices, soft pretzels, and celery.

Of course, other recommendations included Trader Joe's goods like Everything But the Bagel Salted Crackers and Trail Mix Cracker.

The Surprise Cheddar Spread can aid cooks who put in a little more effort. Consumers recommended adding the spread to grilled cheese, homemade mac & cheese, and scrambled eggs.

"I eat this with pretzel thins on toast with eggs and my burger bun. Because I eat it all, I can't purchase it anymore! "remarked a client.

"Put this sports bar cheese on a Raisin Oregano Crisp, and you've got one sophisticated snack," the merchant says in the product details.

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