Trader Joe's Is Bringing Back a Famous Frozen Tart

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Trader Joe's has a tendency for introducing appealing new dishes that disappear for long periods.

These delectable treats leave fans longing for their next fix. The wait ends when the goods return to store shelves. Fans should find something else to crave in the interim.

Trader Joe's Portuguese Custard Tarts, $2.99 for a box of four, are a frozen version of the European pastel de nata that fans have been craving.

Trader Joe's CEO revealed the tart's comeback on last week's "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast, saying, "and I can hear folks, like, tearing out of their driveways instantly to go get these."

Fans are thrilled this week over social media sightings of the long-missed treat.

A local Instagrammer posted twice about rediscovering the tarts, urging viewers to turn the "sound on" to hear her fork crunch into the crisp, warmed crust.

Commenters rejoiced. "Been waiting for them for a year!!!!!" wrote one.  "Best Pasties de nata outside of Portugal," said another. "The finest Trader Joe's desert ever" was added.

Consumers often complain about the lack of Portuguese tarts: "Many customers ask, "Why don't you offer those every day?"

"Rotating frozen things provides us an opportunity to produce various types of desserts and ice creams all year round that, you know, scream like,

'Oh, here's a good one, I best get it now," said Trader Joe's frozen food category manager. It's temporary."

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