Trader Joe's Just Announced New & Returning Products for Spring

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Blueberries and lemon are a winning combo. They are delicious right out of the bag, but the packaging contains air fryer instructions.

Blueberry and Lemon Hand Pies

After a break, the Peanut & Crispy Noodle Salad Kit will return to retailers in April.

Peanut and Crispy Noodle Salad Kit

Last month's "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast alluded potential Banana Mousse Cakes, so the shop released another banana delicacy. Numerous retailers sell $3.29 Bananas Candy.

Bananas Bananas Candy

Trader Joe's Vanilla Cardona Goat's Milk Cheese will be "quite modest flavor-wise" and rubbed with vanilla sugar.

Vanilla Cardona Goat's Milk Cheese

During the show, a Trader Joe's staffer suggested drinking this with tequila in a cup rimmed with Chili Lime Seasoning.

JalapeƱo Limeade

Trader Joe's mini-ice cream cones in coffee flavour are back, delighting coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee Bean Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones

Customers may sip this cold or mix ice cubes with Chili Lime Seasoning and plop them into sparkling water.

Spicy Mango Lemonade

Customers may add sugar to produce sweet tea and milk to make milk tea with this 16-ounce container of concentrate.

Organic Cold Brew Black Tea Concentrate

Coffee lovers should try Trader Joe's new Joe-sandwich Joe's cookie. This cream-filled biscuit has dark chocolate and coffee-flavored vanilla drizzle.

Coffee and Dark Chocolate Joe-Joe's

Egg-shaped sweets have not been affected by recent egg shortages. Trader Joe's Chocolate Mousse Eggs return for Easter.

Chocolate Mousse Eggs

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