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Trader Joe's officially confirmed Six New Products

Peanut Brittle

This famous sweet doesn't need an introduction. Peanut brittle is usually a sweet, crunchy candy that has peanuts in it.

High school club members enjoyed Trader Joe's. The peanut butter aftertaste was "very amazing," and people appreciated the flavours.

Australian Licorice

Trader Joe's sells this candy, along with cherry Twizzlers and black licorice. The idea for the store chain's version came from Canada, where licorice is a "big deal."

Banana Mousse Cakes

Trader Joe's started selling Raspberry Mousse Cakes earlier this year. They are made of vanilla cake, strawberry mousse, and a sweet topcoat.

The high school students looked at a new version of a banana that they thought looked like a banana.

Brookie Clusters

Smart people came up with the Brookie. Half brownies, half chocolate chip cookies, and all good.

Still, the high school students thought Sloan's working name, Brookie Clusters, was "confusing."

Shrimp Pops

The fifth item on this list is the least well-known. The streamers only said that the latest Shrimp Pops were on sugar cane sticks that you could eat and that they were a Vietnamese snack.

Shrimp Dumpling-y Spring Rolls

With Trader Joe's sixth and final new product, the shrimp theme kept going.

Like the Brookie Clusters, Trader Joe's "shrimp dumpling-like spring roll in a triangle shape" doesn't have a real name.

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