Types of Guilt that  Can Affect Your Relationship

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One of the most repulsive feelings is guilt. Negative self-perception might lead to reckless behaviour since it lowers our self-esteem.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that guilt may also have an effect on the romantic relationships we have.

Recent research out of the University of Rome identified four distinct forms of interpersonal guilt, each with its own unique behavioural effects.

The purpose of the study conducted at the University of Rome was to determine whether or not there is a correlation between different forms of interpersonal guilt and either attachment or altruism.

Crime affects our life badly. It brings storm in our love relationships.
These are the four types of guilt.

Survivor Guilt: The sensation that I am better off than other individuals is unsettling.

Separation Guilt: In my opinion, it would be cruel, unfaithful, or emotionally isolating to cut ties with those I care about.

Omnipotent Responsibility Guilt: I believe it is my obligation to solve the difficulties of others.

Self-hate: I am not deserving of joy in my life.

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