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Tyson Foods Is Discontinuing New Burger

Tyson Foods owns Hillshire Farms, Jimmy Dean, and Ball Park, among others.

The number of pig, beef, and poultry products the firm produces yearly is second only to Brazilian megaprocessor JBS S.A. Even Tyson wants to sell plant-based meat.

Tyson's vice president of alternative protein said the new brand's nuggets, tenders, and patties have enjoyed "amazing growth in its first year"

As clients desire additional protein sources, the firm will offer more plant-based meals in 2021.

Raised & Rooted is currently discovering what plant-based products consumers prefer.

 In summer 2020, the company debuted The Blend, which combines Angus beef with pea protein.

It offers 40% less calories and 60% less saturated fat than an all-beef burger. Tyson has discontinued its hybrid burger patty since it's not entirely plant-based.

Egg whites are also removed from Nuggets for the same reason. Raised & Rooted and other Tyson brands will launch new plant-based products in 2021.

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