Useful Tips To Motivate Yourself

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Make goal-setting a routine

Setting internal goals can be helpful. Plan your goals. Your goal might have a time limit. Exam preparation and course finish are examples.

Expect mistakes

It's good to be excited about reaching your goal, but you might be too positive. That's okay. Life occurs.

Create momentum with tiny targets

"Make your bed and change the world. Every morning, you should make your bed to start the day. That will make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to do more work."

Monitor progress

Progress is what drives us. There are many tools for keeping track of goals. You don't need more than a to-do list or a calendar where you can cross off items or days.

Celebrate little and large victories

Rewards make people work harder and do a better job. Rewarding yourself for both small and big goals can make you more interested in and happy with your work.

Accept positive peer pressure

Whether you join a study group, a running team, a gym class, a professional group, or a virtual challenge depends on what you want to get out of it.


Spend five minutes in the morning writing down what you're thankful for. Even better: in a gratitude notebook. Who do you respect most?

Stay positive

When you're in a good mood, you get more done and do it better. It's not possible to always be upbeat. But a mood lift may be all you have to get started.

Change your environment

You might see your work differently if you move. This is caused by the novelty effect, which is a short-term boost that comes from changing your climate.

Remember why

What is the point? What's the big deal? Why? By digging deeper, you can find your ultimate "why"—the main idea that drives your goal.

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