Verbal Cues That Mean Someone Is Lying

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Before they answer a question, a person who is about to lie will act like they don't understand the question.

They question your inquiry

When someone lies, they feel like they need to overcompensate to make sure you buy what they're selling or cover up what they're trying to hide.

They chatter

Some signs that someone is lying are rambling, giving too much information, giving too many details, and stuttering.

When someone is telling the truth, they tend to speak in a more direct and clear way.

They use more unnecessary words

This is because they know what they're talking about and can say it with confidence.

Like babbling, speaking quickly is a sign that someone is lying. If you ask a liar to explain something, they might get defensive or speak even louder.

They talk quickly and loudly

At the end of the day, if someone's story doesn't make sense, that's the best sign that they're lying.

Their story doesn't make sense

In my line of work, I always ask the same question in a few different ways to make sure everything fits together and there are no gaps in the story.

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