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Vitamin C-Rich Foods To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Fast

Bell peppers

Bell peppers, often called capsicum, are full in vitamin C. Green bell peppers have less vitamin C than yellow and red ones.

They help the body absorb iron and heal wounds faster. They decrease wrinkles and pigmentation as a skin care benefit.


Vitamin C is connected with oranges and other citrus fruits. It helps combat cell damage, improves collagen formation, fights anaemia, and boosts immunity.

Oranges reduce acne, delay skin ageing, unclog pores, and enrich the skin.


Guavas contain vitamin C. One guava fruit delivers double the daily vitamin C amount, per studies.

Boosts immunity, includes antioxidants, and is high in fibre. Guava enhances skin tone and offers anti-aging benefits.


kiwi, a high source of vitamin C and antioxidants, is claimed to boost immunological responses to illness.

Kiwi inhibits skin degradation, tightens and moisturises the skin, removes acne, decreases pores, and prevents premature ageing.


Cantaloupe has approximately the whole daily recommended amount of vitamin C in food.

Cantaloupe boosts immunological health, boosts collagen formation, and is an antioxidant. This promotes healthy, glowing skin.

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