Walmart Accidentally Charged Customers Twice

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Walmart has been criticised for overcharging customers on specific things, but some customers realised they were paid twice for their whole purchase.

On December 9, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said that 70 establishments in 38 counties were fined for price scanner errors.

14 Walmarts were fined $46,000. Famous shops like Family Dollar were fined.

Missouri woman charged twice for Christmas shopping. Pam Tovar of Lee's Summit, Missouri, spent $588.37 on Thanksgiving food and presents. It depends on the.

"I usually check them just to make sure, and I'm delighted I did," she said

Another Chime client asked about duplicate credit card charges. "Walmart cost $87.36 on December 5th. Why am I charged again?" A third Walmart consumer tweeted.

The operator advised "posting time" customers to contact their bank.

The Arkansas Walmart shopper and Tovar received full refunds, but it's unknown how many buyers were double-charged.

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